Stop, Listen and Look:

With a wide variety of plans and services available to agents , it would seem logical for you to focus on the many product features available when meeting with your clients.

Let’s face it: you’ve spent a lot of time learning about what each carrier offers. You want to demonstrate your knowledge, convince the client of the benefits and make the sale.


When you get the urge to tell clients every detail of every plan, STOP! That tactic is a recipe for failure. Not only will you overwhelm clients with too much information, you will give the impression you are putting your needs ahead of the client’s.


A better approach for sales is for agents to listen to their clients. Remember, “connecting” and  “completing a fact finder” are useful tools for listening to your client.

  1. Connecting. Finding “Common Ground” with the prospect, which, in turn, allows you to move forward in the sales process. It also starts the relationshipbuilding process.
  2. Completing a Fact Finder. The Fact Finder is the tool used to determine whether or not the prospect has a need for any of the products or services we provide. The Fact Finder also helps to identify whether a product is suitable for a prospect and if they can afford the solution. Proper fact-finding allows you to uncover and – most importantly – confirm with the prospect that a need exists.


Only after you “Stop” and “Listen” can you move on to the Look phase of a product presentation. Use the details you’ve uncovered along with the useful quoting tools found on Agent Xcelerator to “Look” for the services that best fit the needs of clients.

At its core, insurance sales is about agents building relationships with their clients. When working with clients, take the time  to Stop, Listen and Look. You will find that formula is the foundation for building lasting  connections with your clients and the secret to your success.